January 28, 2020


Meet Frankie

Our Frankie Collection is made up of paxiubo seeds and coconut disk. Frankie is named after a favorite superstar essential oil Frankincense. As some friends like to say "Frank" is the creme de la creme.  Frank is a treasure of liquid gold resin produced by tapping into hardy trees such as the Boswellia Sacra.  Once the bark is removed it goes through a process allowing milky substance to seep out that some refer to as tears. Once it drys and hardens the process continues by scraping and repeating until you get the end result that has been treasured and valued through time.  If you are a visual learner like me you can just type in the search bar "Frankincense Harvesting" to check out the process for yourself.  As in life, the good stuff-doesn't come easy, but takes time, patience, perseverance and faith.  The benefits of Frankincense are off the charts and is definitely one to keep stocked on your shelf.  So as you see Frankie around our shop you will know the special meaning behind the piece.  




Liz Wilson
Liz Wilson


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