About Our Seeds



About Our Seeds

"The seed is one part of our universe that gives us a small glimpse into the infinite intelligence behind the creation and the functioning of our world."

Everything in our universe vibrates; seeds naturally vibrate at the level of life’s purest form. When placed next to your pulse on your wrist or neck, your body becomes balanced to the seeds vibration. Healing and hope happens at a very specific frequency, which is the exact frequency of our seeds.

 Think of our seeds as a “metronome” for the energy in our bodies, we get out of whack, our emotions and energy need to be re-aligned. Cayisa seeds provide the perfect home frequency for healing, hopes and balancing! Seeds are the Keys to all of life. Look around you. Probably the chair you are in came from a seed, the clothes you are wearing, the walls or paneling of the house you live in, almost all the food you eat, and last but not least—you and another 6 billion people, all came from seeds.

The power of  the universe is harnessed in all of our products. Each and everyone of our seeds contain enough energy to grow a tree the size of an eight story building, that's powerful! Cayisa's seeds go through a very delicate process to help preserve the treasure chest of DNA and Knowledge encapsulated in each of our seeds. From the time they are sparingly collected; to your wrist, the seeds are loved and cared for.  Each seed is hand selected, individually weighed, meticulously polished, carefully sealed, and thoroughly inspected before making it to one of our jewelry artist for assembly.

 Cayisa is the premier seed based jewelry line. Not only are our products renewable they are eco friendly and fashionable. Our seeds are imported from Amazonian rain forest, around the world and our jewelry is designed and hand made in the USA. Cayisa’s jewelry provides revenue to our suppliers (impoverished tribes) around the globe. Cayisa also employs fair wages to our jewelry makers in the USA with a starting base pay 45% higher than minimum wage!


Want to see what we're talking about? Watch the video below to follow a Cayisa seed on its journey to becoming a Cayisa bracelet!