Evolve Luxe


When adjusting to your circumstances is not enough, combine change with growth to truly evolve. The Evolve Collection where style and fashion are always one step ahead of the curve.

This Collection is made up of beautiful Acai seeds from the amazon rain forest and a beautiful crystal ball.

    • You are about to purchase a one of a kind, handmade piece. Each seed has its own identity, when you look closely you will see each one is extremely unique with its own pattern.
    • The seeds used with all of our products are 100% natural, products may vary slightly from photos online.

    **With this purchase, Cayisa helps provide education, reforestation, and sustainable farming methods to ensure a bright future for our children.

    One size fits most. 6.75" stretch-to-fit design fits most wrist sizes. If you would like for us to make your bracelet a custom size, please indicate your desired size by adding a note to that item in your cart.

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