Mystique - Regal


What seductive charms and ancient secrets await? Whose Muse will provoke them, and how will they be conjured, revealed, and expressed? Life becomes more delightfully mysterious once you venture into the Mystique Collection.

This Collection is made up of Purple acai and jarina mixed with coconut disks. Enjoy two styles with this necklace. Long is totally day appropriate. Short is a perfect accessory to your favorite dress.

    • You are about to purchase a one of a kind, handmade piece. Each seed has its own identity, when you look closely you will see each one is extremely unique with its own pattern.
    • The seeds used with all of our products are 100% natural, products may vary slightly from photos online.

    **With this purchase, Cayisa helps provide education, reforestation, and sustainable farming methods to ensure a bright future for our children.

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