Cayisa Event Planner Starter Kit

The Cayisa Starter Kit* contains all of the essentials for starting a new venture as a Cayisa Event Planner, including a selection of our most popular bracelets, seed color and seed size guide bracelets, style and product guide brochures, product packaging samples, and a credit card reader. All of the tools and necessities for your new business for only $199. That's over $500's worth of products.

(*Actual kit contents may vary from photo above.)


What's Included

  • Cayisa Bracelets
    • Transition Nature
    • Transition Creme
    • Transition Obsidian
    • Rio Obsidian
    • Euphoria Silver
    • Casablanca Creme
    • Afterglow Toffee
    • Shangri-La Nature
    • Evolve Luxe Creme/Rose Gold
    • Wink Creme
  • Cayisa Color Bracelet Guides
    • Acai Color Guide (Desire, Lagoon, Regal)
    • Acai Color Guide (Blush, Sunrise, Key-Lime)
    • Paxiuba Color Guide (Desire, Lagoon, Blush)
    • Paxiuba Color Guide (Blush, Sunrise, Emerald)
    • Paxiuba Color Guide (Sienna, Key-Lime)
  • Additional Sales Tools
    • Stacking Style Guide
    • Cayisa Catalog
    • Order Forms
    • Packaging Samples
    • Card Reader & Account
    • Party Launch Prep Materials