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Share your passion for handmade goods inside homes at events, gatherings, parties and more. When you partner with Umba as an Umbassador, you’re joining a growing community full of entrepreneurs + artists who have made a commitment to buy responsibly from producers they trust. It’s your chance to be an active member of Umba in your community by showcasing and curating your own Umba boutique.

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Your Party, Your Cause

There are so many opportunities to help the world become a better place. Some people travel across the earth to build schools for children who have no access to education. Some people go from village to village installing wells for people without clean drinking water. But we believe that the most profound opportunities to change the world come in every day conversations with our friends and family.

Cayisa is happy to help sponsor these moments of inspiration and collaboration with our Ambassador program. By becoming a Cayisa Ambassador, you can host your own Cayisa event for your friends and family to promote awareness about Seed for Seed, or any other cause of your choosing.


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