Get Social and Get a FREE Bracelet!

Giveaway Details

There's a lot more to business than money. We're excited when we see people wearing our products and promoting our cause! That's why we're excited to announce our "Get Social" giveaway!

For a limited time, everyone who posts a picture of one of our selected bracelets will get a coupon for the entire cost of that bracelet. What does that mean? It means that if you post a picture, you get a free bracelet!

Get Your Free Bracelet.

Step 1:
Go to our Facebook album and select the picture of the product you want.

Step 2:
Click "share" on the picture of the product that you want. and select the picture of the product you want.

Step 3:
Share the image of the product you're about to get to your timeline! Feel free to include a little personalized message to your friends about the cool piece you've chosen.

Make sure you set the post to "public" so we can see your post after you share it!

Step 4:
Come back to the Cayisa facebook page and tell us when you're done! Just click "message" on our Facebook page and tell us that you've shared the image of the product that you want.

After we've seen your post, we'll send you a personal coupon code for 100% off of the bracelet that you chose or simply use the coupon code on any other product and receive $24 off! (Limit one coupon code per household.)

Products to Win

Transition - Clarity Transition - Nature Transition - Rose Transition - Sunburst Transition - Amethyst Transition - Blush Transition - Clover Transition - Intrinsic Transition - Key Lime Transition - Lagoon Transition - Obsidian