Bracelets For Brooke

​​Brooke is an incredible 3 year old girl from Missouri. No one can imagine the pain of a parent whose child has been given a cancer diagnosis, but that is a pain that Brooke's parents are now having to cope with. Brooke was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Thanks to her parents' swift action and the medical expertise of her physicians, Brooke has had a successful surgery and has been given a treatment plan for the next year to combat the illness.

The community's reaction has been nothing short of inspiring. Kind words, gifts, and fundraising efforts have all been organized in support of the family and their challenge. As awareness spread for Brooke, it reached the ears of a Cayisa stylist. When we heard this incredible girl's story, every member of the Cayisa team agreed that this was a cause and a family that we should support. From now until July 23rd, half of Cayisa's profits will go to helping this amazing family overcome the challenge ahead of them.

Mention Brooke's name in the note section of the Cayisa cart to count your sale as part of the Bracelets for Brooke campaign, and help us send support to an amazing little girl!

Mention Brooke at Checkout to join the effort!

  • Half of our profits in the Bracelets for Brooke campaign will be donated to Brooke's family
  • Type "Brooke" in the note section at the Cayisa cart to count your sale towards Bracelets for Brooke

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