Fashion with Compassion


Perhaps diamonds were once a girl’s best friend, but in a world marred by conflict and environmental devastation, where entire regions and the communities that live in them are ravaged simply for the precious commodities they produce — now, more than ever, is the time for a more compassionate best friend… enter Cayisa. 


All of Cayisa’s jewelry is created from the nuts and seeds that fall naturally from the trees in the Amazon rain forests each season. These unique seeds are then collected by the native communities of the Amazon, where they are then cleaned and processed using time-honored techniques. By using these natural by-products of the Amazon instead of its wood, we are making a stand against the catastrophic deforestation that is destroying one of the Earth’s most precious and dwindling natural resources. 


Our mission is to foster a thriving symbiotic relationship between these beautiful people and the invaluable land that surrounds them, one in which these communities can maintain a livelihood without damaging the rainforest. Everything you see from Cayisa is handmade and therefore is as distinctive and special as those who created it and each individual who wears it.  From design, creation, to production, our company is an active participant in global awareness. We are committed to helping create a better quality of life for our planet and those who live on it.