Sandra's Story

​​Most of us know people who have lost their battles. I think we can all name someone who has experienced depression, anxiety, self harm, or addiction. I'm one of those people.
Here's my story. 

I grew up as an extremely shy child. Albeit extremely intelligent, I didn't always have the best grades. After trying three different majors I dropped out of college. Paralyzed by fear, insecurity, pressure, and the weight of having to make a choice of what to do with my life professionally - I crashed. In 2008 I was admitted to a treatment center for clinical depression with crippling anxiety. Treatment was effective for me. I was equipped with the tools and perspectives I needed to help me when those same feelings creep back in, as they still do. There I met beautiful people, a few who I would later learn lost their lives after leaving the treatment facility. If only they would have had the funds to stay longer, they might still be alive. I've also met or known acquaintances and friends of family in my life who have either overdosed or committed suicide. 

It's been reported that in 2015 350,000,000 people worldwide are affected by some form of depression. 50% of Americans with major depression do not seek treatment. With untreated depression being the leading cause of suicide, helping people get treatment is not an option.  I've chosen to make a difference, you can make a difference saving lives one bead at a time. 

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