Fundraise Locally

Raise more money for your cause. Fundraising at home allows you to donate even more for your cause, up to 50% of each sale!

Sometimes you can't beat being social the good old fashioned way-by just getting together with your friends and neighbors at local events, gatherings, parties and more. Think of it as a modern-day bake sale, but way more fashionable and without all the calories!


How to Get Started

  • Sign up to become a fundraiser at the bottom of this page
  • Contact us at for questions about the fundraiser kit



Starter Kit

The Cayisa FundStarter Kit contains all of the essentials for a successful fundraising event. Professional jewelry displays, sample products, educational literature, product packaging, and cashier/payment methods. All of the tools and necessities for your fundraising goals can be purchased for only $199.

What's Included

  • Cayisa Bracelets
    • Transition Nature
    • Transition Creme
    • Transition Obsidian
    • Rio Lagoon
    • Euphoria Silver
    • Tango Desire
    • Afterglow Toffee
    • Shangri-La Nature
    • Evolve Luxe Creme/Rose Gold
    • Cutie Blush
  • Cayisa Necklaces
    • Indulgence Creme
    • Frolic Nature
  • Cayisa Color Guides
    • Tri-color Acai Guide (Desire, Lagoon, Regal)
    • Tri-color Acai Guide (Blush, Sunrise, Key-Lime)
    • Tri-color Paxiuba Guide (Desire, Lagoon, Blush)
    • Tri-color Paxiuba Guide (Blush, Sunrise, Emerald)
    • Dual-color Paxiuba Guide (Sienna, Key-Lime)
  • Additional Sales Tools
    • Cayisa Bracelet Display
    • Trifold Style Guide
    • Cayisa Catalog
    • Order Forms (10)
    • Square Store Account
    • Square Card Reader
    • Event Launch Prep Sheet



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