Seeds of Hope

Is there something that you're passionate about? Is there a cause that can change the life of your child, friend or even the whole human race? Cayisa wants to help you!


Cayisa was founded on a very simple principle. That principle is caring. Pure, Honest and Unfiltered caring. 

There's always more we can do. There's always another cause to support, and another child to help. In our efforts to support causes everywhere, the Cayisa team is excited to announce or Seeds of Hope crowdfunding program.

When you start a Seeds of Hope campaign, you'll have the help of our team and our wonderful seed energy products that you can promote on your social media pages and Half of all sales from your efforts will be deposited in your account! It's that easy. Crowdfunding sites have proven to be extremely helpful to families and people in need of raising money but lets face it sometimes people need something in return for their monetary donations. Thats where Cayisa comes in, instead of selling baked goods, car washes, candles or other common items that offer little excitement to the buyer offer them something that is truly unique and can even improve the quality of their life. Cayisa is the worlds finest seed energy jewelry line!

Seeds of Hope is very easy to set up, just send us an email and one of our team members will contact you to set up your campaign​

Seeds of Hope

  • Half of your Seeds of Hope sales will be deposited in your paypal account

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