Become a Stylist

Share your passion for handmade jewelry inside homes at events, gatherings, parties and more. When you partner with Cayisa as a Stylist, you're joining a growing community full of entrepreneurs and artists with style and determination to become successful business owners. It's your chance to be an active member of Cayisa in your community by showcasing and curating your own Cayisa boutique.


How to Join

  • Sign up to become a stylist at the bottom of this page
  • Contact us at for questions about the stylist program



Start Your Career

Armed with insight, stylists embark on creating the right brand experience that engages the people around them. Enter the fashion business with Cayisa, and become a leader for others in style and entrepreneurship. Have fun hosting parties, and earn 30% commission of all sales at your event. Enjoy the freedom of being your own boss, and the freedom to be home with your family or simply enjoy more time for yourself while defining your income.



Give Back


There are so many opportunities to help the world become a better place. Some people travel across the earth to build schools for children who have no access to education. Some people go from village to village installing wells for people without clean drinking water. But we believe that the most profound opportunities to change the world come in every day conversations with our friends and family.

Cayisa is happy to help sponsor these moments of inspiration and collaboration with our Stylist program. When you host an event, Cayisa will donate 10% of event profits to promote awareness for Seed for Seed, or any other cause of your personal choosing.


Starter Kit

The Cayisa Starter Kit contains all of the essentials for starting a new business. Professional jewelry displays, sample products, educational literature, product packaging, and cashier/payment methods. All of the tools and necessities for your new business can be purchased for only $199.

What's Included

  • Cayisa Bracelets
    • Transition Nature
    • Transition Creme
    • Transition Obsidian
    • Rio Lagoon
    • Euphoria Silver
    • Tango Desire
    • Afterglow Toffee
    • Shangri-La Nature
    • Evolve Luxe Creme/Rose Gold
    • Cutie Blush
  • Cayisa Necklaces
    • Indulgence Creme
    • Frolic Nature
  • Cayisa Color Guides
    • Tri-color Acai Guide (Desire, Lagoon, Regal)
    • Tri-color Acai Guide (Blush, Sunrise, Key-Lime)
    • Tri-color Paxiuba Guide (Desire, Lagoon, Blush)
    • Tri-color Paxiuba Guide (Blush, Sunrise, Emerald)
    • Dual-color Paxiuba Guide (Sienna, Key-Lime)
  • Additional Sales Tools
    • Cayisa Bracelet Display
    • Trifold Style Guide
    • Cayisa Catalog
    • Order Forms (10)
    • Square Store Account
    • Square Card Reader
    • Party Launch Prep Sheet



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