About the founder


Cayleen Davies is the radiate personality and hardworking woman behind Cayisa. She has provided a wealth of unique life experiences that have proven to be invaluable towards the development of Cayisa and the rare products that are synonymous with this environmentally conscious brand of hand made jewelry. As a professional model, Cayleen Davies has first-hand experience working with elite companies within the fashion industry.

Mrs. Davies has travelled the world extensively throughout her modeling career, while also studying in international business and economics. The combination of these aforementioned background characteristics were a driving force in her recognition of the limited number of fashion products that are produced without causing major harm to our global environment.

While working to develop fashion products and designs that are both organic and environmentally conscious, Cayleen formed Cayisa in 2008. This “brand with a conscious” has evolved into a fashion label solely dedicated to production through natural materials, from distinct global environments. The Cayisa brand is ideally suited for all people committed to environmentally safe products, who yearn for a fashion design company with an identical passion.

Cayleen's Career Notes

  • International Business Major
  • Modeling experience in multiple markets, including Miami, LA, NYC, Europe, and South America
  • Appearances in Cosmo, Glamour, Self, Amp, Fitness Magazine among several other notable publications


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