I Love My Clarisonic

I was introduced to this product after doing a photo shoot for a local doctor in miami that does skin care treatments.  That day we shot all “beauty” shots, in the industry its just a fancy term used for really close shots of your face (I will attach some shots from that day below).

About a month after the shoot, I had a trip planned to go to Puerto Rico and meet my boyfriend at the time, now husband’s entire family for the first time.  Two days before we left I got a huge pimple between my eyes, I used to get these often…  Under the skin pimple that looked like someone hit me with a baseball bat, people would literally ask me what happened and I would explain “it’s just a pimple… No exciting story…”


So of course I reached out to the Dr I had just shot a campaign with to help me with this!  He did a special pumpkin treatment and used the clarisonic spin brush.  I was so impressed with how clean my face felt after the first use but wasn’t sure if it was the facial or spinbrush.  I bought one that day and have used it every day since!  Noting takes the makeup off, from a shoot like the clarisonic spin brush does.  Even on days when I’m not on set working I still use this product.  I have also found that my moisturizer absorbs better into my skin after each use.

I haven’t had a monster under the skin pimple since that day, thank God!  I often like to use natural products on my face as well, have you heard the benefits of acai?  Tell me your experiences with this product or other ones you have tried that you can’t live without!  When you get a chance, pop on over to my website www.cayisa.com, It’s a jewelry line that uses acai and other rare eco-gems from the amazon jungle.  The benefits of acai are endless!

Thanks for reading!!!



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